CAT EQUIPMENT – what will you need?

First of all, the PET CARRIER!
You will be carrying your new cat friend home using the pet carrier. We do not recommend any other transport method and we will not hand a cat over in case you do not have the carrier ready. In specific cases of emergency we can lend you one. When choosing a carrier, keep in mind that plastic carriers are more practical and safer than fabric ones however some might find them a bit more difficult to carry around. Plastic carrier is definitely a better option, especially if a cat is being transported by car or for longer distance transportation. Furthermore, keep in mind that even the smallest cat will grow up one day and carrying 2 five-kilogram cats in one crate is a task exclusively for strong men.
We highly recommend covered litter box. It is more discreet and cats make less mess round the toilet.
The door on the covered toilette is questionable as some cats might be scared of them (or not understand) which might result in cats urinating outside of the toilette.
A simple litter scoop with larger holes is usually the best choice. Cats like a clean toilet. Cleaning the toilet at least twice a day will be good for your cat as well as for you. A scoop with bigger holes allows you to choose what needs picking whilst clean litter stays in the toilet (works best together with clumping litter).
Our favorite is clumping litter. It can be in the form of „sand“ or wood based cat litter which is my personal favorite. The price might seem a bit higher, but it is easy to scoop it which makes it last longer than for example sand based litter.
A big bag costs around 550 – 700 czk and with 2 cats in the household it will last at least 3 months, possibly even longer.
Most cats find the bigger the tree the better and many think the higher the better. The choice on the market is great, price and quality differs. Cat’s tree is used for scratching, sleeping, as an observation tower and a toy all in one. For grinding cats claws you can use a regular post or a table leg wrapped in sisal but be careful – size matters here. Cats want to stretch well when scratching, so at least 80cm high post would be a good choice. Some cats like to scratch horizontally, then various cardboard scrapers come in handy.
Although it is not directly a part of the cat’s equipment, we still recommend having windows secured by the safety net. Cats
usually do not just jump out of the window, but a fly or a bird may fly around, cat could chase after them and fall out off the window. There are many cases like that where cats end up with severe injuries in the veterinary office or they run away in panic after falling out of the window.
It is ideal to have a window protected by a company specializing in this job, or you can buy it and install it yourself. Insect nets are also a solution, however these are not designed to hold the weight of a cat in case the cat chooses to climb it. So if your cat is the kind of rather active
animal, we recommend the original cat safety net, which is safe for the cat.
Ceramic bowl is most suitable for water, plastic bowls for kibble and flat stainless steel bowls for wet food.
Kibble is often the basis of diet for indoor cats, so we recommend investing in quality.
Dry food from supermarkets and food stores is not the right choice at all. We recommend buying bigger amount and for practical reasons shopping online is also very convenient. This way you will achieve good quality for good price.
Our cats are used to quality feeding from us as we try to buy only the best. We will be happy to recommend some of the quality brands which will ensure quality and healthy life for your cat.
The choice is great, the quality and preferences of cats vary. If you have one or two cats at home it is likely more practical to choose pouches or smaller cans. Food that „rested“ in the fridge for 2 days will probably not be appealing to your cat anymore. We serve wet food twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, but once a day is probably sufficient. Cats usually eat between 50-100g per serving, it depends on the type and the size of the cat.
P.S. Shopping for cats (and pets in general) is best done on-line. Not only it is cheaper, but you can get everything delivered to your home which is a great bonus taking into consideration the weight and size of an ordinary purchase for your pet.