HOW TO ADOPT A CAT IN CATKY SHELTER (esp. for foreigners)


  • Please consider what will happen once you leave the country or leave for long term period. Will you really take the cat with you? (If not, we can also consider cat fostering) Holiday time can be covered by We are a cat shelter and we are unable to look after your cat (also for the safety reasons, we often have ill animals which is not safe for your own cat.)
  • In case you are here for limited period e.g. student visa with time constraint or work permit with time limitation, we recommend fostering project. We have too many instances when the visa wasn’t extended and we have to rehome the cat afterwards. In general we don’t let to adopt but we can always discuss your particular case and potentially offer a cat to foster.
  • Prepare all the cat stuff. (cat litter box, litter, shovel, scratching post, pet carrier and some food) Our recommendation:

(Royal Canin, Hill´s, Applaws, Fitmin, Bosch, Happy Cat, Purina pro Plan) , wet food – Dein Bestes (DM), Felix, Bozita, Cosma, MACs, Miamor

Cat litter: Cat´s Best Öko, BritCare (we recommend eshops –it’s cheaper- ,

  • Once you’ve made up your mind and chose a cat and we’ll also advise on the suitability for you (e.g. not every cat is suitable for a small apartment or to small kids). Please always describe honestly what environment and other pets or kids will be involved so that we can find the best match. Some cats can be for example nervous spending time with small kids and can refuse to use the litter tray as a consequence of the stress.)

For this purpose we initiate the conversation with sending the below questionnaire. It makes the potential owner to think things through and also gives us better picture about the suitable kitty.

1/ how big is your apartment? Small (up to 50 m2) or large? (some cats need more space as they have too much energy)

2/ is the place yours or rented? If rented, has the landlord pre-agreed? (Landlord can be sometimes a showstopper, also roommates)

3/ are you small family? (1-2 adults) or large? (what age are your kids?) Some cats are afraid of children and when they get stressed, they might misbehave.

4/ do you have any other pets? What pets and how many? (some of our cats are being fostered in families with dogs or other cats so they might be more flexible, for some it might be a big issue)

5/ do you work or study? (this will explain how long the cat will stay alone in the apartment, if bored, some cats can start misbehaving, others prefer quiet life)

6/ How long are you in the Czech Republic? Will you be moving back to your country? Are you EU or non-EU? (this will be helpful to know if the cat can be easily re-located to your country. Some countries are very difficult, but we can agree on the fostering program. We had cases that visa wasn’t extended, and cat wasn’t able to travel so we agreed to have a foster care only.

7/ Do you travel for work or long periods for your holidays? Do you have anyone to look after your cats or funds to get a professional company to cat sit?

8/ do you have any protection on the windows? Nets either need to be there already or installed. We have many cases when the cats fell out and got hurt or lost so we are trying to prevent it.

9/ adoption contract obligation is vaccination and castration. Is it according to your believes and within your financial situation?

  • We’ll sign an adoption contract and provide all the documentation (vaccination pass or microchip registration in case the cat was microchipped)
  • Please bring a pet carrier. We don’t let people to take it in the cardboard box or a bag, this is for the safety of the cat. Journey to your place can be stressful and it can happen that the cat jumps out and gone for good.
  • We’ll discuss with you the health status of the animal and the next steps. Sometimes cats are not fully vaccinated or not castrated (normally applies to the small kitties) but we’ll help you to understand when it needs to be done and we even recommend a pet clinic. Our favourite one is (speak English), but feel free to use your local one if you have a good experience there.
  • Adoption fee – recommended amount is 1000-1500 KC. It can be paid in cash or to our transparent account. It covers at least partially the expenses we spent treating, vaccinating and castrating the cat.
  • After you take the cat home, we’ll be in contact with you to see how the cat is settling down and if there are no issues. We are even entitled to see the animal if we have our doubts. Please do not rehome the cat without letting us know.
  • And thank you for adopting!